Yesterday I should have gone to school as I usually do, most Saturdays,  to receive lectures in a dusty studio, with a dustier rug and tired air conditioners, but I didn’t go. I stayed at home and got lost on the internet. I should have done some writing too, but I didn’t, instead I toyed with my website.

There was also a wedding I should have gone to, I didn’t do that either, I didn’t do any of the things I should have done. The ‘shoulds‘ were weighing down on me.

Sometimes you go around doing the things you should do, 
while who you really are wastes away ans slowly dies.

Towards evening, I read a book, the power had gone out and the laptop and the phone had died, all that was left was my Kindle.

I looked for something to read. I have many books, a few years ago a huge collection of .mobi books fell into my lap, about three thousand books. I don’t know if I will ever have the time to read them all.

I tried Asimov at first, I liked the authors note, his humor was catching, but Foundation itself, I could not bring myself to enjoy, maybe science fiction is not really my thing.

Almost by chance, I started reading a book called, Awaiting Your Reply by Daniel Chaon.

I couldn’t stop reading.

That book gave meaning to my wasted Saturday  in a way that doing all the things I should have, would never have done.

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